Summer Strike (2022)

Summer Strike (2022)


Ever since she decided to say no to her overly time-poor life, Lee Yeo-reum has been trying new things with her inactive lifestyle. Some call her naive for running away from reality, but others consider her a good soul with a heart of gold. None of these matters to her anymore because all she needs at the moment is a little time away from the city hustle. Ahn Dae-beom is a librarian. He’s not just a librarian, but a shy one at that. One would wonder how he is even managing a job as a librarian with his deep-seated shyness, but deep inside, he has the other side of his story to tell. Yeo-reum’s journey of self-discovery begins in a small town called “Angok” as she steps into Dae-beom’s life. Maybe here, with each other by their sides, she and he could finally find themselves in a place of emotional comfort. No one knows, but they will find out at the end of the journey.

Other Name: 아무것도 하고 싶지 않아

Released: Nov. 21, 2022




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