Sexy Tanaka-san (2023)

Sexy Tanaka-san (2023)


Plain-looking Tanaka-san from the accounting department is around 40 years old.

She has no friends and no love life, but she does have a secret side… a super sexy belly dancer!

Akari, a temporary employee, appears to be a lovable lady at first glance.

Truth be told, she is increasingly anxious about marriage as she believes her “market value” depends on her youth and cuteness.

Life is starting to become a struggle for Akari, who feels empty despite the slew of matchmaking parties she attends.

One day, Akari learns of her colleague Tanaka-san’s true identity, which inspires her to live life in her own way.

They are polar opposites, but their chemistry empowers them to blow off those who judge them. In the process, they discover their new selves.

Don’t miss this romcom that is guaranteed to leave you in stitches constantly, with an occasional dash of tears.

Other Name: セクシー田中さん

Released: Oct. 22, 2023



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