Justice Sung Begins (2024)

Justice Sung Begins (2024)


Against a backdrop of the Qing era, due to his father Sung On working as a prison guard, smart and clever Sung Sai-kit has witnessed all kinds of unjust things as he has been wandering around within the prison walls since his childhood, causing him not to believe there is justice in the legal field. After reaching adulthood, Sai-kit also does not want to become an imperial official even though he is well educated. He just covertly helps a fellow student called Ho Sau-shun pass his exam. And Sai-kit and his brother Sung Ah-kau follow a nomadic lifestyle. However, Sai-kit is then embroiled in the Murderous Spider Demoness Case. To find the perpetrator, he shows off his finesse as Pleader. During the process, he also meets brothel bouncer Ling Lung, who is a proficient combat fighter. The case is concluded, and Sai-kit and Ling Lung get married. He also properly goes down the road to working as a Pleader. Moreover, he has to deal with successive complicated big cases.

Other Name: η‹€ηŽ‹δΉ‹ηŽ‹


Released: Jan. 29, 2024



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