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Soul of Light (2023)

Soul of Light (2023)


“Yang Spirit” is a costume fantasy and suspense film that tells the story of Zhao Fei Rong, the saint of the Dalo sect, who tries every means to find the Pure Fox clan, a hidden tribe, and release the demons suppressed in the Pure Fox village by the Dalo sect. Hong Yi, the son of the Hong mansion, has been bullied since he was a child and enters the city to take the imperial examination in order to clear his mother’s name. Unexpectedly, on the night before the registration, a mysterious girl invites Hong Yi to teach at the Pure Fox tribe. With that, Hong Yi becomes embroiled in a dangerous chase. After experiencing numerous adventures and dangers, the oppressed Hong Yi decides to learn martial arts and joins the Pure Fox clan on a journey to fight against the Dalo sect.

Other Name: 阳神之太上忘情



Duration: 75Mint

Released: 2023-03-28

Cast: , , , , , , , , ,

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