Love from Divorce (2023)

Love from Divorce (2023)


An accident caused Wen Lan to lose her memory, and she ended up marrying Mu Bai under her family’s introduction. However, their relationship became distant and filled with grievances after marriage. But when an unexpected event occurred, Wen Lan regained her lost memories and made the decisive choice to divorce Mu Bai, pursuing her own path in scientific research.

Surprisingly, Mu Bai, faced with a completely different Wen Lan, started feeling a subtle reluctance and unconsciously delayed the divorce proceedings. It was only when Wen Lan moved out of Mu Bai’s house and focused on her potion research that they finally divorced. It was at this moment that Mu Bai realized his love for Wen Lan and embarked on a relentless pursuit to win her back…

Other Name: 从离婚开始的爱情

Released: Aug. 10, 2023


Cast: N/A


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