Gourmet in Tang Dynasty Season 2 (2023)

Gourmet in Tang Dynasty Season 2 (2023)


After the previous season’s plot ended, Yuan Wan’er, who traveled to the Tang Dynasty, tried hard to return to her original world – but when she traveled again, she only traveled five years later! This time, Wan’er became a student at the Great Eastern Academy. She was originally a college student, but Yuan Wan’er didn’t know anything other than cooking! Wan’er’s best friend, Lin Yu, mistakenly believed that her disorder was due to her infatuation with foreign student Silla Prince Jin Decheng, so he devised a confession plan for her. As a result, Wan’er became a thorn in the side of her classmate Fang Qingcheng – the plump Fang Qingcheng was recognized as a beauty. She also liked Jin Decheng and kept teasing and harassing Wan’er. Wan’er couldn’t bear it. and agreed to the debate competition proposed by Fang Qingcheng

Other Name: 大唐小吃货 2

Released: Oct. 02, 2023


Cast: N/A


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