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Thid Noi: More Than True Love (2023)

Thid Noi: More Than True Love (2023)


True love legend of “Tid Noi”, a man who has a stable love, true love, true love, true love, famous beautiful woman of the era. He loves and takes care of her like a woman in his heart, but Tid Noi’s love is not easy! because there is another handsome boy who loves and waits for you equally. All three go through the story. Many events The tumult that arises, both happiness and suffering, smiles, laughter, but when love has to choose just one. So what will be the conclusion of the legend of “True True Love”? Continue to follow in “Tid Noi”

Other Name: ทิดน้อย


Country: Thailand

Duration: 105Mint

Released: 2023-01-25

Cast: , , , , , , , , ,

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