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Girl Wrighter (2023)

Girl Wrighter (2023)


16-year-old Ji-ah is a typical adolescent girl. She aspires to be a ballerina and experiences her first flutters of love and the related pains that come with it as she falls in love for a temporary teacher. She is overjoyed when her mother Suk-hyeon, an erotic novelist, secures a large contract for a serialized online novel, as it means she would finally be able to afford ballet classes. But her hopes are crushed when, not long after, her mom suffers a freak accident and slips into a coma. Ji-ah then gets a call from the editor who misidentifies her as her mother and demands that this week’s text be submitted by midnight. In order to get her mother out of a bind, she decides to use what little she knows in matters of sex to complete the task in her mother’s stead. Much to her surprise, her style seems to resonate with readers.

Other Name: 소녀작가 입문기



Duration: 90Mint

Released: 2023-07-20

Cast: , , , , , , , , ,

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